Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin began working on economic development projects with indigenous Guatemalan communities in 1988. He served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program’s Bureau for Latin America and as an advisor to the World Council of Indigenous Peoples. He was a founding member of the Fair-Trade Federation in 1994.

Regi founded and Directed the Fair-Trade Program for the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and founded Peace Coffee, a key program outcome. Before coming to the U.S. in 1992, Regi worked with artisan communities across the highlands of Guatemala, and built fair trade networks in Europe, the U.S. and Canada. Regi built programs for woodland owners in the Midwest.

Haslett-Marroquin was named one of the Twin Cities International Citizens of the Year in 1996. In 2008 he received both the Northfield and College City and Southern-MN District Service to Mankind awards. He has served on numerous non-profit boards including the North Country Development Fund (currently Shared Capital Cooperative), the Northfield Area Foundation, the Northfield Area YMCA, the Conservation Corps of MN and IA. He is the current MOSES’s Board VP (Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service).

Haslett-Marroquin is an owner-founder of Regeneration Farms LLC, and Founder and President of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance. Regi was awarded a prestigious lifetime Ashoka Fellowship in 2018 for his work in Regenerative Poultry Systems, which is at the center of a multitude of national and international initiatives. This system is designed to be uniquely aligned with the social and economic, conditions of new, immigrant, small farms, and marginalized communities. The system is designed for large-scale and global impact.

At the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, Regi works on system-level strategies designed for global application, currently, his work covers communities in the US (Bordering region of MN, IA and WI, Omaha, Mead and Winnebago NE, Pine Ridge SD), Hazelton British Columbia, Mexico, and Guatemala. Regi received his agronomy degree from the Escuela Nacional Central de Agricultura, studied at the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala and graduated from Augsburg University in Minneapolis with a major in international business administration and a minor in communications.

Regi currently lives and farms at Salvatierra Farms, a 75-acre family farm home to Tree-Range® chicken and eggs in Northfield Minnesota with his wife Amy and their youngest son Lars Decarlo. The farm is being built to further advance Regi’s work in regenerative poultry, to demonstrate his system, and to pivot regional and national conversations and adoption of regenerative poultry. Their other children are William and Ana Nicktae, both living in California. Most recently, Regi authored “In the Shadow of Green Man”, My Journey from Poverty and Hunger to Food Security and Hope. It can be ordered from the publisher, Amazon and numerous other book sellers.