Gerry Lawson

Gerry Lawson – is a member of the UK Royal Society of Biology and the Institute of Chartered Foresters  He is a part-time Research Fellow of the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology, and an Executive Board member of the European Agroforestry Federation and the UK Farm Woodland Forum.  He has worked on a range of projects related to land use in the European Union, including on biofuels, biological abatement of pollution, tree-crop environments, agroforestry modelling, sustainability criteria for trees outside the forest, and climate change policy (mainly LULUCF/AFOLU) etc…  He also helped write the UK Research Councils “Open Data” and “Discovery Metadata” standards.   He is a member of several European Union Civil Dialogue Groups and continues to lobby for greater inclusion of agroforestry within the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), and for more comprehensive establishment by Member States of trees outside the forest.