David LeZaks

David leZaks, PhD, Senior Fellow, is an environmental scientist and financial activist whose work is centered around developing innovative mechanisms for financing the transition to agroecological farming and food systems. 

Before joining Croatan Institute, Dr LeZaks led the Regenerative Food Systems initiative at Delta Institute in Chicago, where he managed a portfolio of projects that focused on the design and deployment of disruptive mechanisms to unlock substantial capital flows into regenerative agriculture. Previously, he served as an RSF Social Finance Integrated Capital Institute fellow. Earlier in his career, David was a postdoctoral scientist at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he completed his Ph. D. in Environment and Resources and an M.S. in Land Resources. Afterward, he served as Managing Scientists of the Knowledge Systems for Sustainability Consortium and program Director of ht eUniversity’s Agricultural Innovation Prize. Currently, he serves in advisory roles to mad Agriculture, the Savanna Institute, Nourish, Council of Development FInance Agencies’ Food SYstem Finance Advisory Council, and the Transformational Investing in Food Systems initiative, an allied initiative of the Global Alliance for the Future of Food. 

He is based in Madison, Wisconsin, where he is active in a number of community organizations and spends his spare time gardening and participating in a variety of silent sports.