Betsy Taylor

Betsy Taylor is President of Breakthrough Strategies & Solutions, a small consulting firm. Betsy has over four decades of philanthropic and non-profit leadership experience. Since 2015, Betsy’s consulting has focused primarily on building the field of regenerative agriculture. Her donor clients directed early funding to spark work at Project Drawdown, Marin Carbon Project, and others. She organized and chaired a 2017 soil carbon conference in Chantilly, France with over 200 participants from 33 countries designed to map the field and explore opportunities. She was lead author of a 2019 guide for philanthropic action and investment, Healthy Soils to Cool the Planet, served on the Steering Committee of Funders for Regenerative Agriculture and is a board member of The Regenerative Agriculture Foundation. She graduated from Duke University and has an MPA from Harvard University. She is co-author of Sustainable Planet: Solutions for the 21st Century. She owns and helps manage an organic hay farm and grew up in rural Maryland in a conservative farming community. She relocated to Vermont in 2021 and is living on a 20-acre homestead where she is sequestering carbon and restoring the land.