Welcome mentors!

We intend this page to be a one-stop-shop for mentorship resources. Let us know if you would find anything else helpful on this page–it’s a work in progress.

February/March To Dos

  1. Screen applications using a rubric and choose candidates to interview. Check out Quivira’s resources to help you evaluate written applications.
  2. Interview candidates and extend an offer to the one(s) that best suit your needs. You can also choose to decline all. Interview questions and rubric from SI. Also, check out Quivira’s resources about Effective Interviews.
  3. Send no thank-you emails to the candidates you are not interested in hiring (either before or after interviews).
  4. Update program manager[email protected]  with name, start and end dates, and farm/employee manual or other work agreement for each apprentice.

Send apprentice(s) a farm/employee handbook so they can get to learn more about your farm and expectations. Template .doc based on Farm Commons. Farm Commons PDF. Contracts are not recommended, but you can find a template here if you wish.

Send a list of what to pack for your apprentice (who may be coming from a different climate, culture, etc). They appreciate knowing appropriate clothing, shoes, bug sprays, etc.  


  1. Michele

    Hi everyone,
    I’d like to plan an apprentice cohort training day on one of your farms. Would anyone like to host, or does anyone have a project they need help with?

  2. kathy

    I saw Wil’s very fine video on the apprenticeship. He did a lot considering they were only putting shelters on trees. That must have been pretty frustrating for him, but a pretty good video anyway.

  3. Dayna

    I’d be up for hosting a day! We could use help clearing fence lines for brush goats this spring and summer and I’d be happy to give a tour/talk about pasturing pigs.

  4. Michele Manske

    Awesome- Dayna I’ll email you directly


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