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Thank you for joining us for the 2020 Perennial Farm Gathering!

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Build a long term community of practice with us!

Have you ever been to the Perennial Farm Gathering and wished you had more time to talk to people who are practicing perennial agriculture? This year, you can continue the conversation well after the PFG ends, and even find new people to connect with and share experiences and lessons-learned. 

We are using the Perennial Farm Gathering to launch a Perennial Community of Practice. You will be able to continue to access this site and the information on it after the conference ends. Additionally, we will keep the conversation going with follow-up webinars and workshops. This means, questions can be answered, discussions continued, and inspiration can be gained all year round.

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Hundreds of farmers and researchers from across the Midwest and around the world are gathered to share knowledge, experiences, and enthusiasm for perennial agriculture.


The Perennial Farm Gathering was recorded on December 6th – 9th, 2020.


To view the recorded sessions, click on each day below in the Course Content section. Inside you will find the recorded videos and information on each session.