Celebrating 10 Years

by | Sep 19, 2023 | Giving

Just like the multi-species, interconnected farming systems we champion, you and thousands of others in our community are working together to create a more hopeful future. Thanks to our supporters, the Savanna Institute has put down roots and is doing more than we thought possible. 

We’re celebrating 10 years of growing agroforestry because of you. 

In the last decade we have…

  • Built a 7-person agroforestry Technical Assistance Team to provide one-on-one support to farmers and landowners in 6 states.
  • Paired 56 agroforestry apprentices with mentor farmers in the Midwest to develop hands-on skills in perennial farm management.
  • Started a Tree Crop Improvement Program, establishing a 1700-bush hazelnut breeding orchard and planting 50,000 persimmon seedlings.
  • Produced 200 videos about agroforestry which have over 200,000 total views.
  • Established 8 demonstration farms, showing real-world examples of scalable agroforestry in the Midwest.
  • Convened 100 organizations and 7 working groups in a national Agroforestry Coalition focused on scaling-up support in every sector.

And this is just scratching the surface. Your support has kept us on a fast track to agricultural transformation in the Midwest. Thank you!

I would love to hear from you. What brought you to the Savanna Institute? What does agroforestry and more ecological, broadly beneficial agriculture mean to you?

With gratitude,

Keefe Keeley
Executive Director, Savanna Institute
[email protected]
(608) 448-6432 ext. 100

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