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Sallie Calhoun


Sallie Calhoun, along with her husband, Matt Christiano, purchased the Paicines Ranch in central California in 2001.  Part of an original land grant, the Paicines Ranch has been a working ranch since the mid-1800’s.  Sallie has operated the ranch implementing holistic management to improve the health of the grasslands, producing grass fed beef, and now 100% organic pastured sheep.

Sallie is the founder of the No Regrets Initiative which focuses on rebuilding the health of agricultural soils to sequester carbon, mitigate climate change, and create healthier people and planet.  She and her team employ a regenerative asset management strategy which uses all available forms of capital – human, natural, investment, and philanthropic to affect change in the agricultural system.  The work is done through the Paicines Ranch, Cienega Capital, and the Globetrotter Foundation.

Prior to becoming a rancher, Sallie spent almost 25 years as an engineer, COO, and high-tech entrepreneur. 

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