2021 North American Agroforestry Conference

Virtual Conference

June 28th – July 2nd, 2021

The work to establish and scale up agroforestry for carbon drawdown has only just begun, but the potential is enormous. One acre of alley cropping can sequester nearly a ton of carbon in woody biomass alone. Silvopasture is #4 on Project Drawdown’s list of natural climate solutions. And even just a modest adoption of agroforestry is head and shoulders above other agricultural land-use changes in its potential for carbon sequestration.

 The 2021 North American Agroforestry Conference will bring together farmers, landowners, researchers, climate scientists, investors, philanthropists, policymakers, and global leaders on climate change, carbon drawdown, and agroforestry. Together we will tackle the major barriers to scaling agroforestry, focusing on solutions and action. 

 We hope you’ll join us!




Sallie Calhoun

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín

Olivia Watkins

Miah Ulysse

Margaret Krome

Joe Fargione

David LeZaks

Dr. Sarah Lovell

Eric Toensmeier

Meghan Giroux

Fredo Arias-King


Erik Hoffner


Rachel Armstrong

Richard Elm Hill

Severine von Tscharner Fleming

Joann Whalen

Jonathan Lambert

Odessa Piper

Sarah Wentzel-Fisher

Susan Cook-Patton


Gerry Lawson

Sam Grant

William Schlesinger

Eliza Greenman

Gary Nabhan

Bob Saul

5 Days

Some of the top minds in climate action and agroforestry innovation are gathering at the conference. Our speakers and themes will invoke the conversations that lead us in the shift toward widespread agroforestry in North America.

50+ Speakers

Join us as we explore the crops, markets, policies, innovation, and strategy that will bring us together to work toward a future where agriculture functions as a solution to the climate crisis. Each day will emphasize different aspects of the path towards scaling up agroforestry for carbon drawdown.

One Goal

Agroforestry is a leading natural solution to climate change. This event aims to bring together top minds to create a plan for action–making trees a central part of agriculture in the 21st century.

Day 1: Agroforestry for Carbon Drawdown

Monday, June 28th, 2021

9am -5pm CST

Carbon in our atmosphere can be stored in soils and biomass, pumped down with the help of trees and perennial ecosystems. As the climate crisis worsens, we must scale up agroforestry and perennial agriculture to make agriculture a climate solution.

Day 2: The Tree Toolbox

Tuesday, June 29th, 2021

9am -5pm CST

Food, forages, fiber, and more: the toolbox of trees is deep, multifunctional, ancient, and plentiful. We will explore the major opportunities agroforestry presents.

Day 3: Financing the Transition

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

9am -5pm CST

Creative and innovative financial strategies will be required to transform agriculture with trees and keep carbon sequestered. We will explore the many mechanisms that can bridge the transition to equitable, just, and resilient agroforestry and perennial agriculture.

Day 4: Access to Land & Markets

Thursday, July 1st, 2021

9am -5pm CST

Before farmers can confidently scale up, they need to secure land tenure and robust supply chains. We will explore how these barriers can be turned into opportunities for local communities and become part of equitable food systems.

Day 5: Mobilizing Deep-rooted Agriculture

Friday, July 2nd, 2021

9am -5pm CST

We will look back over our collective learning to plan a perennial path forward. From cross-cutting policy to grassroots organizing, we need strong action to create a future where the climate crisis becomes an opportunity to build a regenerative society.


Who should attend?

Everyone! This conference will bring together farmers, landowners, researchers, climate scientists, investors, philanthropists, policymakers, and global leaders on climate change, carbon drawdown, and agroforestry.

Where is the conference being held? 

The conference will be held online. After you register you will receive an account on savannainstitute.org. The event will be held live on June 28th – July 2nd, 2021 with recordings available after. Full line-up and schedule coming soon.

If you have registered for other online conferences on savannainstitute.org you can use the same account. Just visit www.savannainstitute.org/my-account and you will see all of the online conferences and courses 

Will recordings be available to view afterwards? 

Yes, recordings will be available and accessible by logging back into the same account that you registered.

Are scholarships available?

Yes. If you would like a scholarship please send an email to [email protected]

When will I receive confirmation if my Abstract is accepted?

You should have received an email confirming your submission. If you did not receive the email, double check your inbox and spam folders to confirm we received your proposal. We will email you near the end of March to notify you of acceptance.

Can I purchase tickets for someone else?

Please purchase one ticket at a time. If you are purchasing tickets for someone else, please use their name and email. This will be used for user accounts and contacting registrants.


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