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Sept  11

6pm CT

Mark Cornwell - Creating mutually beneficial partnerships to tackle transportation challenges

Sept 25

6pm CT

Dan Shepherd - Harvest processing and marketing pecans at Pecan Valley: A look at the harvesting and cleaning of pecans for processing for the farm store. A talk about quality and packaging to get the most out of what is raised.

Oct 9

6pm CT

Tammy and Mark Allen - Operating a small sawmill as a second income: After 20 years in the sawmill business, we have learned how to work smarter, not harder. A sawmill can be a great second income.

Oct 23

6pm CT

Jason Fischbach - The Hazelnut Industry in the Upper Midwest: Where are we at?

Nov 6

6pm CT

Tory Dahlhoff - Economic opportunity and challenges of agroforesty for farmers: Learn how members of the panel are trying to work in new cropping systems such as agroforestry into the regional economic development conversation.

Nov 20

6pm CT

Eric Wolske - Black currant production in the Midwest: Black currant production has historically been concentrated in Europe, where it is largely used to supply the juice industry. As the US market continues to look for healthier food and drink options, the black currant provides an incredible healthy, machine-harvested product to meet these consumer demands.

Dec 4

6pm CT

Mark Shepard - Designing a Silvopasture Polyculture for Hogs: For more than 20 years Mark Shepard has been raising grass-fed and chestnut finished hogs in a diverse polyculture system that includes perennial forages available from May to October. From currants, mulberries and cherries, to hazelnuts, apples, and hearty finish on chestnuts.


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