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Jan 15th

7 pm CT

Terry Durham - Growing Elderberry for Health and Profit

Terry has been educating farmers , researchers, and consumers about elderberry since 1997. He has a elderberry nursery, manufacturers the processing equipment, aggregation of berries, and production of Elderberry products. Come learn the past, present, and future of Elderberry.

Jan 29th

7 pm CT

Hannah Breckbill - Relying on Each Other: Co-operative land access and management

Hannah discusses her story of land access and the worker-owned co-operative structure of her farm. Hannah Breckbill founded Humble Hands Harvest in 2013 as a vegetable farm, and has diversified to include sheep, pastured pigs, and perennial nuts. She uses her location from the farm to advocate for more resilient and regenerative land use throughout the Midwest.

Feb 12th

7 pm CT

Tom Wahl - Paw Paw Production and Marketing

Tom will discuss design, site selection, inter-planting, growing, harvesting, and marketing of pawpaws in a Midwestern agroforestry/perennial polyculture system. Tom Wahl was born and raised in Iowa, and graduated from Iowa State University 1n 1984, with a degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology. Tom, together with his wife Kathy Dice and their two children, grow around 80 different perennial crops in an integrated agroforestry/perennial polyculture system.


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