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VULCAN FARM (Sidney, IL) utilizes a 99-year agroforestry lease. Landowner grazes sheep in silvopasture, while lessee grow a variety of tree crops.

This workbook is for farmers and landowners who have a long-term vision for a piece of land and are willing to collaborate and commit to a lasting arrangement to make such a vision a reality. It offers an overview of legal considerations for long-term leases that address key particularities of agroforestry. While much of this Workbook is framed in the context of agroforestry, many of the issues raised are relevant for farmers & landowners who aspire to enter a long-term lease for annual crop or livestock farming. The full version of the workbook is 73 pages, while the short version is a two-page overview.

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Agroforestry Long-Term Lease Workbook


This resource packet compiles a wide range of agroforestry information, from overviews of basic agroforestry practices to detailed guides on how to develop long-term agroforestry leases. This guide aims to provide agricultural landowners with a basic understanding of what agroforestry is and how to make it happen on their land.


"Agroforestry for Landowners"

Resource Packet

Landowner Cathe (right), agroforestry farmer Kevin (center), and Savanna Institute staff Keefe (left) after a field day at Vulcan Farm in Sidney, IL. Kevin holds a 99-year lease with Cathe for 10-acres, on which Kevin manages the tree crops and Cathe continues to graze her sheep in the alleys between tree rows. (Photo by Marie Flanagan, NCR-SARE)

Landowner Kirsten (left), tree-planting contractor Dane (center) and farmer Casey (right) rest after a long day of mechanical tree planting at Feral Farm in Palmyra, WI. Casey holds a long-term lease with Kirsten for 8-acres, on which Casey manages the tree crops and Kirsten continues to harvest hay for her cattle in the alleys between tree rows.

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