This November, the Savanna Institute will be holding our first ever Giving Tree Campaign What is the Giving Tree Campaign? The Savanna Institute has taken root. Now we need the water and sunshine of your financial support, of your investment in farmlands of abundance, diversity, and resilience. Please join us in bringing this vision of the future to fruition! Why now? Farmers need better options, and so does the land! The Savanna Institute is asking for your help to meet these needs: innovating profit-making and carbon-capturing perennial crops grown for healthy soil, water, climate, citizens, and farm economies. When can you give? Starting November 2018, you will be able to donate through our online giving portal. This giving campaign will run through the month of November, culminating on Tuesday, November 27th, also known as Giving Tuesday. We will announce the total amount raised at our Perennial Farm Gathering, December 7th and 8th. How do you give? All gifts will be received through a safe, secure online form. All major credit cards will be accepted, and you can decide how much to give. Checks can also be mailed to: The Savanna Institute, 1360 Regent St. #124, Madison, WI 53715 To help you decide your donation level, we’ve established five giving levels: Seed Level: Up to $50 Sapling Level: $51 - $250 Field Level: $251 - $500 Farm Level: $501 - $1000 Landscape Level: $1001 and above

The Savanna Institute also accepts charitable contributions from donor-advised funds, private foundations, and gifts deeds of real estate and property. Please contact us with any questions you may have! You can also choose to support a specific program. Here are specific costs to consider:

One agroforestry apprenticeship costs $4000

One farm field day costs $500

One Nutshell speaker costs $200


What’s in it for you?

Because we are so grateful for your generosity, we’d like to return the favor! Choose from a variety of Savanna Institute stocking-stuffers when you complete your gift.


We are hopeful our community can raise at least $10,000 during this campaign to fund our expanded Nutshell learning series, farm field days, and our agroforestry apprenticeship program.


CLICK HERE to contribute now!

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