At the Savanna Institute, we are working with farmers who are converting their working farmland into  agroforestry operations. The Case Study Program addresses the need to better understand and implement  agroforestry practices on a commercial scale. As these operations grow, so too will the need for industrial infrastructure and support. At our case study sites, we are collecting crucial data concerning the economic, ecological and social impact of agroforestry in the Midwest. When farmers encounter road blocks while establishing their new operations, we are here to assist in maneuvering through them. Over the coming years, through the collection of real-world data and the establishment of industry relationships, we will be building a strong case in favor of widespread agroforestry. With the help of these dedicated and pioneering farmers, we will be better positioned to demonstrate the viability of agroforestry as an alternative to current  practices. If you are a farmer, land owner or institution and would like to take part in this important effort, you have come to the right place.


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We now offer two tiers of involvement for case study farms joining the network. Tiers are designed to build upon each other, such that each successive tier includes all of the features of the previous tiers. You can join the Case Study Program at any tier, depending on the amount of time you have to dedicate to data collection.

(1) Tree Crop Companion:

Periodically census crop survival, growth, and yield

  • Record crop performance following a simple protocol provided by the Savanna Institute at years 1, 3, 5, 7, 10


(2) Whole Farm Partner:

Detailed record keeping of perennial crop and livestock enterprises

  • Use the Savanna Institute “Farmer Data Collection Form” to gather information on perennial crops grown in polycultures
  • Track crop performance, pests/diseases, income/expenses, labor, inputs, and management strategies
  • Commit up to an hour per week to record keeping with monthly data submission



In the Case Study Program, a reciprocal relationship is formed between the farmer, the Savanna Institute, and the community at large. As we gain knowledge and wisdom together, case study farms become important members of agricultural and research networks. As the community becomes aware of the benefits, they too will increase support for agroforestry practices throughout the Midwest. Some of the benefits we all can gain through this program include the opportunity to:

For Farmers

For the Savanna Institute

For the Community


Become integrated with a network of case study farmers across the region.


Gain connections to design and installation resources.


Develop collaborative markets with fellow case study farmers.


Participate in our bulk plant program.


Receive support on best practices.


Attain long-term ecological benefits that increase land sustainability.


Facilitate vital farmer-researcher data gathering about the performance of agroforestry in the Midwest.


Conduct scientific research at sites across the Midwest.


Establish farms capable of hosting workshops, courses, and field days.


Facilitate a network of farmers developing agroforestry.


Access real-world examples serving as models for broad implementation of agroforestry in the Midwest.


Begin an important dialog between farmers and their community about the future of farming economy and ecology.


Access potential educational tools for local schools and organizations.


Get involved in important research that affects the future of agricultural and rural communities.


Use real farms as testing grounds for new agricultural and environmental policy.


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