Farmers, researchers, and perennial crop enthusiasts have the opportunity to participate in our Bulk Plant Program. This program allows people to purchase many kinds of plants through a single source and avoid the hassle of locating thousands of plants among numerous nurseries. The Savanna Institute works with over 15 nurseries to source the best plants of the diversity of species grown in agroforestry systems. This is a sizable process that each new farmer should not have to recreate.


The Bulk Plant Program charges the same prices that farmers would otherwise pay when working directly with nurseries. Farmers are not required to buy plants through the  Savanna Institute to  participate in programs, but the margin from a large volume order goes a long way to sustain our organization and helps us to expand our research and outreach.


With our Bulk Plant Program, farmers are happy with simplified plant purchasing, nurseries are happy to access new growers, and our non-profit mission is sustained.  If you would like to participate in the Bulk Plant Program, please contact us with any questions.




We are not running the Bulk Plan Program for the 2019 season.

If you are interested in placing orders for spring 2020, let us know HERE.

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