Comprised of thoughtful leaders and food system innovators who share our vision of more ecological agriculture, the Savanna Institute's Advisory Council advises us on current and future endeavors, connects us with allied efforts and opportunities, and helps share our work more broadly.




Steven I. Apfelbaum - Senior Ecologist, Founder, & Chairman, Applied Ecological Services, Inc. - WI


TJ Callahan - Owner, Farmhouse Taverns - IL


Casey Dahl - Farmer, Feral Farm (Jefferson, WI) - WI


Stefan Gailans - Research and Field Crops Director, Practical Farmers of Iowa - IA


Paul Gaynor - Owner, White Oak Savanna Events Farm and Sanctuary - WI

                          Principal, G&R Public Law & Strategies


Michael Gold, PhD - Professor, The Center for Agroforestry at the University of Missouri - MO


John Graham, PhD - Assistant Professor of Biology, Lake Superior State University - MI


Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquín - President-CEO, Regenerative Agriculture Alliance - MN


Brooke Hecht, PhD - President, Center for Humans and Nature - IL


Fred Iutzi - President, The Land Institute - KS


Randy Jackson, PhD - Professor of Grassland Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison - WI


Shibu Jose, PhD - Interim Associate Dean for Research, University of Missouri College of                                                                                                                   Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources - MO


Theresa Marquez - Mission Executive (retired), Organic Valley - WI


Diane Mayerfeld - Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator, University of Wisconsin Extension - WI


Erin Meier - Director, Green Lands Blue Waters - MN


Curt Meine, PhD - Senior Fellow, Aldo Leopold Foundation - WI


Dave Miller - Co-Founder and CEO, Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT - IL


Valentin Picasso, PhD - Assistant Professor in Forages and Grazing, University of Wisconsin-Madison - WI


Lindsay Rebhan - Partner & Designer, Ecological Design - MN


George Reistad - Food Policy Coordinator, City of Madison - WI


Ricardo Salvador, PhD - Director, Food & Environment Program, Union of Concerned Scientists - MD


Kathy Schmitt - Bureau Chief, Wisconsin Farm Center, WI Department of Agriculture - WI


Eric Toensmeier - Senior Biosequestration Fellow, Project Drawdown - NY


Severine von Tscharner Fleming - Founder and Director, The Greenhorns & Agrarian Trust - NY


Tom Wahl - Farmer, Red Fern Farm (Wapello, IA) - IA


Richard Omar Warner - Past Director, Green Lands Blue Waters - WI


Woody Woodruff - Woodruff Family Farm (Modesto, IL) - IL

                                   Conservation Associate, Illinois Stewardship Alliance


Wendy Yang, PhD - Assistant Professor of Plant Biology and Geology, University of Illinois at

                                Urbana-Champaign - IL

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